The Royal Nanny Made the Royal Wedding Work. Borrallo is that kind of one in a million ninja nanny.

Royal Wedding's hidden hero: The woman who kept Meghan's bridesmaids and page boys in line.

What was her secret weapon to keeping the page boys and bridesmaids in order?

She promised them Smarties - and all the children performed their duties with perfect precision


Ottawa is cutting the LMIA fee for many!

Ottawa is cutting the LMIA fee for many!

The new regulations apply to those who earn less than $150,000 a year and want to hire someone from abroad to look after their children. Those seeking to hire a caregiver for people with a physical or mental illness will also be exempt from the fee


Another successful Senior Caregiver match by!

 Wilma has been caring for Fay for the last 3 years. She does the night shift as well as the weekend shift. Wilma loves Fay and they have become good friends. Wilma is part of the family. Another successful match made by! At TheNannyPages, we know how important it is to find the perfect senior caregiver that will take the best care of your loved ones. It is not just about hiring the help you need. It's about finding a caregiver that will give you absolute peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are getting the best care possible. Care does not only refer to taking care of physical needs. A good caregiver takes care of the seniors emotional well being and makes the senior feel loved and cared for. They are your loved ones new companion and friend. Thank you Wilma!



What is the going rate for a Nanny?

Hi, What is the going rate is for a part time Nanny or Housekeeper in Toronto? I used to pay $12 an hour but I was told by a friend that I am way off base.




Hi Beatrice,

Most recently, the cost of hiring a Nanny, Housekeeper or Elder Care in Toronto seems to be on the rise. While $12.00 an hour was acceptable a few years ago, it is no longer the going rate in the Toronto area. I would say that the minimum you can expect to pay hourly is $15 an hour. While the rate will vary, nannies and housekeepers in Toronto will typically charge anywhere between $15 to $20 an hour.

All the best,



Thank you Shayna for your email today!

"This service has been so helpful and successful in finding 3 types of caregivers that we need. We got many immediate responses and were able to narrow it down to caregivers that really met our needs." Shayna Friedman, Thornhill


Minimum Wage is on the Rise!

How do you feel about the introduced legislation to increase Ontario’s general minimum wage from $11.40 per hour to:

$11.60 per hour on October 1, 2017 (already announced in March 2017)
$14 per hour on January 1, 2018
$15 per hour on January 1, 2019

This sounds like amazing news for employees that are currently earning minimum wage!

However, will we start to see more self checkout counters in stores and supermarkets? Will employers start cutting employee hours? Will products start to become more expensive to cover the increase in salaries?


What is most important to you when hiring a caregiver for your loved one? Companionship? Nutritious Meals? Medical Knowledge? A tidy home?

How do I find the right caregiver for my beloved senior?

Its a question we hear all the time.  What does the right caregiver mean to you?

For some it means that the house it always tidy, for others it means someone who is attentive and stimulates your senior. Some may want a caregiver who can cook delicious meals.

It is important to be realistic that when searching for a caregiver, it is unlikely to find someone who is perfect in every area. 

Finding the right home care for your parents or loved one means defining what is important to you, and looking for a caregiver with those qualities.

Need help finding a senior caregiver?  We can help!


Hiring a Senior Caregiver for Mom

Dear Rachel,

I am looking to hire a caregiver for my mom. 

What are the usual duties and expectations of a senior caregiver? 



Hi Nicole,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Hiring a new elder caregiver for your Mom is an imporatant job that will grealy improve her quality of life.

Here's are some duties you can expect from a senior caregiver. 

* Help getting dressed

* Help with bathing and grooming, brushing teeth and hair, denture care, makeup, nail care

* Help in the bathroom as needed

* Kitchen help, meal prep, serving and feeding

* Shopping for food and household needs

* Basic housekeeping

* Managing medication, going to Dr's appointments

* Providing mental stimulation, playing games, going for walks, social interaction, love, companionship



The Nanny Pages is Excited to Announce that we now also provide Staffing for Stores / Businesses!

Are you looking to hire staff for your business? Do you need cleaners? General Staff? Cashiers?

Due to an overwhelming demand, The Nanny Pages now provides staffing for stores and businesses!
"The website is amazing, very efficient and the staff are more than helpful in every way. I'm a business owner that was seeking help for cleaners at my gym and found it very helpful."
Dimitri Giankoulas, Pure Motivation Fitness Inc 

"We were looking to hire staff to help us manage our indoor playground and restaurant. We put out an ad on the staff pages and were contacted by several candidates within hours.

We hired Rachelle and she is fantastic. The customers love her and she is great in the restaurant. I was impressed at how quick and easy your service is." 
Eli Janowski, Owner Bunch of Fun Playland 

"Our grocery store Savours Food Market was looking to hire. Within a day of posting my job I had many interested candidates apply. We hired great staff. We will definitely recommend your service." 
Tzvi Shuchat, Manager at Savours Food Market 

​We look forward to servicing you! 

Post your job ad today on



If you want your teen, adult child or spouse to open up and share his or her true thoughts and feelings with you, you need to develop the ability to listen in a way that conveys understanding and acceptance.

Negative or critical feedback has a way of ending honest conversation - permanently. Ask for permission to share concerns if you feel you must, and then do so with caution and respect.

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Some people are afraid of their 2 year olds, some are afraid of their teenagers and some are afraid of their adult children.

But here's the thing: parents should NEVER be afraid of the noise or fuss that their kids (of any age) might make. In fact, children need loving, strong, confident adults to lead the way in life and when - through their intense tantrums, threats or other shenanigans - children manage to intimidate their parents, THEY themselves become frightened.

The world is, after all, a scary place without leaders and without powerful, caring and assertive parents who are willing to lead.

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No, you didn't Cause all of your Child's Problems - By S.C. Radcliffe

No, you didn't cause all of your child's problems. He behaves as he does due to the interaction of his genes with his environment. And no, you can't cure all of your child's problems as their causes are outside of your personal control. But you can certainly be a positive force in your child's life - your love, support and guidance will always help him on his journey.


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When your child encounters a setback, she needs your support - not your reassurance.

Name her feelings ("It's so disappointing...") and then go about your business as if you expect life to work out despite everything.

Remaining strong, calm and optimistic IN YOURSELF is far better than telling HER that everything will be fine.

When she sees that YOU are not flustered by her failure, loss or whatever, that will be as comforting to her as when you see a stewardess looking absolutely relaxed during a rough bout of turbulence: it must not be so bad after all.

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Teach your child that kindness trumps "being smart," "being right," and in many cases, "just being honest."

For instance, after you've spent an hour making a delicious, nutritious dinner, you really don't want to hear something like, "yech!" from your child, after he takes his first bite. His spouse won't want to hear the adult equivalent of that kind of "feedback" either.

Teach your child the kinder, more sensitive ways to indicate dislike (i.e. "Thank you so much Mommy, but I really don't like it so much.") and also make sure your child knows when to say nothing at all (i.e. when he's a guest at someone else's table, he should refrain from commenting on the food he doesn't prefer, without giving feedback unless it is specifically asked for).

By teaching and emphasizing kindness and sensitivity as primary values in your home, you are helping to protect all of your child's relationships throughout life.

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When Your Children Want Things That They Can't Have - S.C Radcliffe

When your child wants things that he can't have (toys, food, electronics, clothes or whatever), empathize before explaining why he or she can't have it.

"Oh I know - that looks/tastes/seems fantastic - I can see why you want it so badly."

Make this a separate, powerfully caring sentence and do NOT add the word "but" to it.

The next sentence can offer a brief reason why it isn't going to be happening: "If only it wasn't so expensive." "If only it wasn't so inappropriate." "If only it wasn't so bad for your physical health/mental health/soul." "If only you hadn't just received 50 of those last week." "If only it wouldn't mean so much work for me." "If only your birthday was this month." "If only you hadn't already exceeded your quota for the year." "If only I could get it for you." Or briefly, and compassionately, state whatever else is in the way.

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Lets Help Our Children Become Successful Adults- By S. C Radcliffe



Is Homework a Struggle in Your Home? By: S.C. Radcliffe

After working a full day, would you want to have to fill out your passport application and apply for a mortgage everyday before dinner and then work on your tax forms for an hour or two after dinner?

If you'd already done this everyday for weeks or months on end, do you think you might eventually start to cry and protest and even refuse to do it?

Now you understand homework.

Give your kid a break if he occasionally cracks up at homework time. If he routinely cracks up, there are probably good reasons for his limited ability to cope.

Address whatever of these you can, with and without professional help, and at the very least, show compassion and understanding.

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PRICELESS Life Skill To Give Your Children! - By S.C Radcliffe

When you teach your kids how to respectfully disagree, you give them a skill that will help preserve all of their personal, social and professional relationships in life.

Teach them to ASK, rather than TELL their opposing view.

For example, if the parent says that Brand X is the best car ever, the child should not be saying, "No it isn't - Brand Y is the best!" This style of communication is confrontational and argumentative and although the car example does not show its destructive potential, use your imagination or actually recall arguments you've had or heard, where the effects were not so benign. 

Instead, teach your child to put it this way: "Is it possible that Brand Y is also considered to be one of the best cars, if not THE best?" The respectful question always invites serious consideration and mutual respect, rather than war. It protects relationships. Try it yourself and see!

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Are We Reassuring Too Much? By: S.C Radcliffe

When a child constantly seeks reassurance, don't give it! The more you give it, the more the child will need it, because you have accidentally reinforced the anxious questioning.

What the child really needs is to find, and trust, the answer in her own head. When you reflect her question back to her WITHOUT answering it, the child will find her own inner voice.

For instance, suppose the reassurance-seeking child asks "We're having spaghetti, right?" when you've clearly told her that tonight's dinner is spaghetti. You answer, "You know the answer." The child will then say, "We're having spaghetti."

You can then reinforce her process by saying, "That's right." Keep this up indefinitely to help cure reassurance-seeking and the anxiety that fuels it.


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How To Speak So Kids Will Listen - By S.C Radcliffe

Positive words bring good feelings and good results.

Instead of "I don't want to ARGUE with you" try "I'd like to work this out."

Instead of "You're being wild" try "Please calm down."

Instead of "Stop teasing your brother" try "Please play nicely or do something else right now." 

Positive Words work better: instead of "Don't forget xyz!" use "Remember xyz!" When the brain hears the word "forget," it agrees to do so; when it hears the word "remember," it happily follows that instruction. 

Positive words encourage cooperation. Don't describe what is WRONG. Ask for what you really want!

Instead of "You're making a mess in here!" try "Let's make it look nicer here - can you please put some of these toys back in their boxes and just play with one pile for now?" (If necessary, make it a statement rather than a question).

Positive words leave a lasting positive impression in the brain, therefore avoid using negative words in any kind of sentence. For instance, avoid "Don't be rude," or "That was rude," or "You are speaking in a rude way" (all of which are interpreted the exact same way by the child's brain - as "You are rude."). Instead, use the positive word in your correction - the exact opposite of the negative word: "Please speak in a respectful way" or "Please say that in a more polite way."

All negative words can be replaced with their positive opposite to yield long-lasting positive emotional and behavioral results!

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Here are a couple of suggestions to make dinner time count:
1. Eat together with your spouse and kids as often as possible.
2. Make a table rule: no books/magazines/devices
3. Don't ask family members to report on their day (what they did, who they interacted with, etc.) but welcome any sharing that spontaneously happens. Share your own day if you want to.
4. Have an interesting topic to raise for discussion.
5. Avoid stressful topics, complaints and issues.
6. Reward appropriate behaviors with your focused attention; as much as possible, look away from inappropriate behaviors. When you MUST correct something, do so quietly and firmly.


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Money Education is Crucial!!


Great Phrase Ideas to keep Parenting POSITIVE!


How Do I Find the Right Nanny?

How do I find the right nanny for my family?

Its a common question.  What does the right nanny mean to you?

For some it means that the floors will sparkle, for others it means someone who is happy and fantastic with the children. Some may want a nanny who is very organized and others need a nanny who is a wonderful cook. It is important to be realistic that when searching for a nanny. It is unlikely to find someone who is excellent at everything. 

Finding the right nanny for your family means defining what is important to you and looking for a nanny with those qualities.

Need help finding a nanny in Toronto - Feel free to browse nannies on now! 


This is so true! Great message to instill in your children!



We were raised in a home where our mother was always calm and we never heard her raise her voice. She kept smiling as we spilled grape juice on the carpet, colored on the furniture, or broke her bone china. As young mothers we often ask her what her secret was. She would answer with a smile, "the secret is in the help. Help in the house is a priority".  She explained that because she had help doing laundry and cleaning the house, she was able to calmly focus on her children.

Seeing how challenging it is to find good help, but realizing its value based on firsthand experience, we developed a database website making it easy for families to connect with Nannies, Elder Caregivers & Cleaners.

3 Easy Steps To Find The Help You Need

1) Go to
2) Post your job description
3) Interested candidates contact you OR you can contact them

Finding good help is life changing. We have been blessed with extraordinary Nannies & Caregivers for our families. It is our hope & passion to help you find the right help for your family.

Rachel & Sarah


Can you relate?


Is your room STILL A MESS???!!!

Do you sometimes find yourself asking your kids questions even though you know the answer?

* Did you just throw your coat on the floor?

* Is your room still a mess?

* Did you leave your math homework at school again?

Asking kids questions that you both know the answer to is not an effective way of teaching them. It shames children and  does not help with a positive outcome. I sometimes wonder how I would feel if my spouse came home and said:

* Is the laundry still on the floor unfolded?

* Are we having chicken and potatoes for supper again?

* Are you wearing socks with a hole?

Parenting children is the hardest job in the world. There are no easy answers or formulas to find the perfect thing to say all of the time. Try to keep in mind that shaming is destructive to children. If you think that what you are about to say may shame your child, I believe you are better off saying nothing at all.

Happy Tuesday!



Is my Nanny off on Easter Monday?

While Good Friday is a Statutory Holiday in Ontario, Easter Monday is not.


5 Easy & Kid Friendly Suppers Your Nanny Can Make

1) Chicken & Potatoes

2) Salmon & Rice

3) Meatballs & Spaghetti 

4) Hamburgers, Buns & Corn

5) Macaroni & Cheese 


Need a daily cleaning schedule for your housekeeper?



* Wash dishes 

* Clear & wipe down counters

* Clear & wash table & chairs 

* Wipe down stove area & sinks 

* Sweep & wash floor 

* Take out garbage

Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room:

* Tidy

* Sweep & wash floors 

Front Hall / Foyer:

* Sweep & mop front area

* Straighten up coats, hangers & shoes

* Sweep front door mat


* Make beds & tidy the room

* Clear all dressers

* Empty garbage

* Take laundry baskets to the laundry room


Wipe down counter area, sinks, tub, & floor

* Empty garbage

* Wipe mirror


Wash & put away laundry

ONCE A WEEK TASKS: (choose one task on this list per day)

* Change linen 

* Clear out fridge & freezer

* Wipe down kitchen cupboards

* Vacuum all carpets 

* Dust furniture & blinds

Monthly Tasks: (Choose one task per week)

* Wipe walls 

* Wipe down windows

* Dust & wipe staircase & light fixtures

* Clean oven  

Please note: Schedule should be adjusted depending on the size of the home and hours of daily cleaning help.


Great Indoor Program and Activities for Nanny & Baby! FREE!

Looking for a indoor activities and programs that your nanny can take your kids? Ontario Early Years program is AMAZING!

Click here to find a location near you!


What Gift Should I buy my Nanny for the Holidays?

The holidays are a perfect time to show the person that cares for your home and children some appreciation. The big question is always what to buy. Here are a few ideas:

1) Cash - A cash bonus is always useful and most appreciated.

2) Winter Gear -  A warm coat , boots and hat is practical gift as many nannies do quite a bit of outdoor walking.

3) Mall Gift Card- Give your nanny the opportunity to splurge on something new. 

4) Do you know a restaurant where your nanny likes to eat? If you do you can give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

Most importantly, make sure to include a card expressing appreciation for all your nannies hard work and dedication to your family. 

The holidays are a special time for families to get together and celebrate. Many nannies are away from their families and the holidays can be bittersweet. It may be an emotional time for your nanny being so far away from the ones she loves.  A bit of extra love, care and sensitivity toward your nanny during this time can go a long way! 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


New Nanny Jitters


Our new nanny is starting tomorrow and while I should be so happy and excited, I feel like a nervous wreck. I have been cleaning and organizing my house for the last week in honor of my new nannies arrival. I am not sure why I am cleaning non stop, isn't that supposed to be her job?

How do I go about settling our new nanny into a routine? Should she follow a daily schedule or should I let her do her own thing?  Am I the only one that gets the new nanny jitters?


Hi Elizabeth,

It is completely normal to feel anxious about the arrival of your new nanny. Having a new person  in your home and caring for your children is new and can be very overwhelming. It is a change for both you and your family. 

Your  cleaning and organizing all week does not make you crazy- it makes you smart. Its a great idea because you want to show your new nanny how you would ideally like your closets and cupboards to look. If you left everything disorganized and messy she may think that you are comfortable with your home looking that way. 

After your nanny settles in, you may want to show her around your home. I always like to take some time to sit together with our new nanny and my baby and play all together. I like her to see how I interact with my baby and hope she will learn and do the same.

In regards to cleaning, training and scheduling, I think that depends a lot on your personal style. I know some people that like to go from room to room showing their nanny exactly how they would like everything cleaned, organized and put away. They will specify which cleansers to use and which cloths to clean with. Others are more laid back. They may give general instructions and allow the nanny to learn and figure  things out on her own. 

I think a general schedule is always a good idea. You may want to include chores that you would like accomplished daily, weekly and monthly. 

Wishing you best of luck with your new nanny tomorrow! 


Top GTA Mommy Blog features a Review on

Find your Nanny, Cleaner or Elderly Caregiver via

September 8, 2014 by Maya Fitz 6 Comments

My good-friend Anna was 9 months pregnant and about to move houses.  To say the least, she was going to need some assistant in the coming months with house cleaning.  I had a great opportunity come up through my blog and I thought she might be interested in reviewing it on my behalf. is a one-stop-online-shop for help in the GTA whether you’re looking for a nanny, elderly care or a house cleaner.  Here’s her review:


As a mommy-to-be I am looking for help wherever I can, so when the opportunity came up to review, I jumped at the opportunity.  I am a month away from mat leave (if this baby comes on time) and desperately need a cleaner because we just moved in to a bigger house. At 8.5 months pregnant, my mobility is limited and I need a nap after walking up a flight of stairs. is a service for families looking for Nannies, Elder Caregivers, and Cleaners in the Toronto area. It also helps caregivers, nannies and house cleaners find work. It’s a win-win service!

I signed up for the service and filled out my job ad information which took me about 5 minutes.  Once signed up, I was able to contact any potential cleaners on the site as well as be contacted by interested cleaners who saw my job ad. I am only looking for service once or twice a month, and I received 25 applicants within six hours. This is great!  You have the option of receiving the applications via text or e-mail. My one recommendation is to ask people to send their applications via e-mail. I clicked on both e-mail and text as an option, and all of the people looking for work, sent me messages via text. I love text messaging as much as the next girl, but when you receive 22 messages from phone numbers you don’t know, it becomes really hard to track. I am still going through the people who sent me messages!

That said, I have been looking for a good cleaner for a couple of years and have only ever used other corporate services that charge an arm and a leg and  pay their cleaners an hourly wage. I like that I was able to go straight to the source for just $19. Soon I am going to have a house cleaner that I can work with and pay directly. No more strangers coming in to clean my home when I am desperate for a break. Relationships are important and if you find a good cleaner, you’ll never let her go which is why I am excited to have somebody to connect with. When the time comes for me to go back to work, I will definitely look at as an option for child care services as well.


Fun And Educational Activities For Your Nanny and Baby To Do Together

While its much easier to plop the baby in front of the TV and let your nanny clean, consider some of these activities for your nanny and baby to do together.

1) Walk to your nearest Library & Read Books Together- It is never too early to expose your baby to books. The earlier the better.

2) Go for Walks- It is healthy to go out and get fresh air every day.

3) Talk- Babies love information. Whether your nanny is around the house or out and about encourage her to talk to your baby. Let her point out everything around her; trees,  the sky, bees, flowers, laundry basket etc. Babies love to learn new things.

4) Visit your nearest Ontario Early Years Centre, they offer wonderful education programs for children up to the age of six. It is free. Click here to find a centre near you.

5) Sing Songs - Babies love music. Purchase some instruments or make your own (Pots and spoons can work). Turn on the music and let your nanny and child dance and sing together.

6) Outdoor Water Play- Babies love to play with water. Let your baby pour water from one cup to another, water the plants or squirt with a spray bottles. (You can purchase spray bottles at the dollar store!)

7) Count out loud-  Count blocks together as you build them, count cheerios together as he eats them or count how many stairs there are as you go up.


Activity Ideas for Elder Caregivers and Seniors- Keeping Seniors Stimulated & Happy

One year ago today my grandmother peacefully past away in Toronto. She was 99 years old and fabulous! She cooked and baked for her children and grandchildren almost every day until the day she passed. The highlight of her day was when the kids called to tell her how fantastic her food was. Her face glowed as she told them to enjoy and she then planned with her live in caregiver what she was going to make next day. 
I firmly believe that my grandmothers cooking and baking added years to her life. People need to feel accomplished, acknowledged and appreciated.

It is important for caregivers and families to discuss what activities can be done to keep the senior happy and feeling accomplished. What does the senior like to do? What is he good at? What makes her feel happy?

Here are some activities that caregivers can do together with the seniors they are taking care of:

1) Baking & Cooking- Have fun experimenting with food in the kitchen. Try cooking soup for a neighbor or baking cookies for the grandchildren.

2) Games - Card games, Scrabble, Trivia and Bingo are all stimulating and fun to play.

3) Arts & Crafts- Painting, Drawing, Beading, woodworking and Sculpting can be relaxing and entertaining. Make something special for a friend, child, or grandchild.

4) Sewing - If sewing or knitting is something they know how to do try making blankets, hats or scarves for a loved one.

5) Dancing- Blast the music and sing & dance to his or her favorite oldies.

6) Talk about the past- Ask about childhood experiences, how he or she met their spouse, first job, best vacations....

7) Watch old movies- Watch old movies together and act and sing along.

8) Walks - Air is good for the mind and body. Try and get out every day. You can stop and pick flowers to give to a friend or to put on the dining room table.

9) Shopping- Going to the mall or grocery store can be a nice outing.

10) Look at old photo Albums- Ask questions about the pictures. Every photo has a story and you can ask about them all.

11) Spa Day- A manicure, pedicure or new hairdo is a great way to spend the day.

12) Massage- A nice warm bath followed by a back rub is therapeutic and relaxing


Should I Hire A Live In Nanny? Pros & Cons

Live-In Nanny Versus Live-Out Nanny

Many Moms love having their Nanny living at home with them and their family. 

Others feel a lot more comfortable when their Nannies live out.

Here is what a few of our mom's had to say.

Pro Live-In NANNY 

"Our Live in nanny costs us much less  and I get more hours."

"I love having  someone that is almost always available for evening babysitting."

"Its great to have someone that is there and ready to help first thing in the morning."

"I like having  someone in the house in case of a night time emergency."

"Its easier to leave the children and go on vacation with my Hubby."  

"My nanny is so  flexible with my work schedule."

" It's great that there is no commute. Our nanny never misses work because of bad weather."

"Having her live with us really makes her part of the family."

Pro Live-Out Nanny

"I like my privacy."

"I wouldnt want to have to be worrying about having food around that she likes."

" I am not used to walking around appropriately dressed all the time."

"Another person in the house means more utilities, more food." 

"We do not want to lose our guest bedroom and bathroom"


Live in Nanny? Live Out Nanny? Its a personal choice. Nothing is ever perfect. Know your families needs, budget and personality and  make the best decision possible.  


We Love Your Feedback!

I've used The Nanny Pages a few times and have had SUCH a great experience.

I've posted jobs of all different types (temporary, long term, part time...) and have had quality nannies apply for the job each time.

It's also so well run, such great customer service!!

I've recommended The Nanny Pages to all my friends!!!

I also love their great info posted on their blog!! 

D.S., Toronto / Lawrence & Bathurst Area


Want to Sponsor a Nanny Under The Live In Caregiver Program? LMO FEE is now $1000!

Previously, a LMO cost $275 per position.  The application fee has been increased to $1,000 for every position that an employer requests.  
There will be no refund in the event of a negative LMO (Now renamed LMIA) or if the employer cancels or withdraws the application.


How to Get the Most Out of your Cleaning Help

Cleaners and Nannies are not mind readers. While you may feel that dusting the blinds is critical, she may think that folding the laundry perfectly is essential. It is important to communicate with your Nanny or Cleaning Help. I find making a list with numbered tasks in order of what is most important to you is a good idea. To get the most out of your Cleaning Help, make sure to communicate what your priorities are.

Click here to find Cleaning Help, Nannies and Elder Caregivers Near you! Full time & Part Time Available!


Thank You Rhona for your Email Today!

Hi Rochel.

I don't know if this is your company or not, but it is the best tool on the market. In the past it has been the hardest thing to find domestic help.  With the Nanny Pages the response has been overwhelming.  

I can now even find help for the odd days or evenings that I may need.

I hope the girl I hired will be happy and stay.

I am telling all my friends about The Nanny Pages.

Thank you.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for your Nanny

Showing appreciation to the person who cares for your children and home is extremely important. Your Nannies birthday is the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all that she does. 

Here are some ideas of what you can buy your Nanny for her birthday on any budget. Its not about how much you spend, its the thought that counts!!

Mall gift card


Make her a Birthday Party - Make a Cake and let the kids write her cards

Spa day


Good Warm Winter Gear

Restaurant Gift Card

Electronics / Ipod, MP3 Player..

Nice Card and Balloons

Wonderland Tickets / Passes

Movie Tickets

Netflix Subscription


Top 10 Favorite Nanny / Caregiver Interview Questions

Top 10 Favorite Nanny / Caregiver Interview Questions 

1) Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

2) What do you like best about being a Nanny / Caregiver?

3) What do you find most challenging about the job?

4) What do you like to do in your spare time?

5) Do you have brothers and sisters? Are you married? Do you have a child / children?

6) How many years of experience do you have being a Nanny / Elder Caregiver?

7) Are you trained in CPR and First Aid?

8) Do you have experience cooking and preparing meals?

9) Why did you leave your last job? 

10) Have you ever had to deal with an emergency situation while watching children or an elderly person? What was it? How did you handle it?


Did you know that Minimum Wage is going up?

Are you paying your nanny minimum wage? Minimum wage is the lowest wage rate an employer can pay an employee.

Effective June 1, 2014, the general minimum wage in Ontario will increase to $11.00 per hour.

Both Ontario and Nunavut will have the highest minimum wage rate in Canada. The student minimum wage will also increase from $9.60 to $10.30 per hour.


Nanny Paid Holidays! What are the Statutory Holidays in Ontario?

What days are considered Statutory Holidays in Ontario? 


New Years Day - January 1

Family Day - Third Monday in February

Good Friday- Friday before Easter Sunday

Victoria Day - Monday before May 25

Canada Day - July 1

Labour Day - First Monday in September

Thanksgiving Day - Second Monday in October

Christmas Day - December 25

Boxing Day  - December 26

*Civic Holiday (Simcoe Day)  - First Monday in August - This is an optional holiday.  Provincially regulated employers are not required by law to give this day off.

* Easter Monday - Government Employees Only.  Only federal employers are required to give the day off.


What is the going rate for a Live Out Nanny in Toronto? What is the going rate for a Live In Nanny in Toronto?

How Much Does A Live Out Nanny Cost? How Much Does A Live In Nanny Cost? 

The going rate for a Full Time Live Out Nanny in Toronto is approximately $500 - $600 dollars a week. Many Families pay for bus fare as well. 

If you are paying by the hour, the rate can range from approximately $12 - $16 per hour. 

Feel free to Browse Nannies, Caregivers, and Cleaners looking for work in the Toronto area by clicking the link below.

The most economical route is sponsoring a nanny from overseas under the Live In Caregiver Program. The going rate for a Full Time Live In Nanny that you sponsor is approximately $1300 a month plus taxes. You can browse Nannies & Caregivers from Hong Kong that would like to come to Canada by clicking the link below . There are no agency fees. You can contact Nannies & Caregivers Directly.

My personal feeling is that if you are lucky enough to find a nanny that works well for your family, do whatever you can to hold onto them. Pay them as much as you can afford, and most importantly treat them like family. Show your nanny appreciation, thoughtfulness and love.  A wonderful nanny is a gift to your family and to yourself.


Top Toronto Nanny Agency Without the Fees!

I was looking for a male caregiver for quite a while. I contacted 3 to 4 agencies and I had very poor results. I received an email about posting my job description on The Nanny Pages.  The day after I posted it I had many phone calls and emails. I had many potential candidates. In fact I hired the one that suited our needs the best, two days after I posted my job.

I am so grateful to The Nanny Pages for helping me find the caregiver we needed.

Chaya Leah Alon


I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny already in Canada. Why is it so difficult to find one? A few years ago I had no problem!

"I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny Already in Canada" . Its a request we hear a few times a day. There are so many families hoping to hire a Nanny already in Canada under the Live in Caregiver Program.

In the last few years it has become very challenging to find a Nanny already here in Canada that needs sponsorship. This is due to newer government regulations and requirements that make it much harder to sponsor nannies from overseas. Any family that sponsors a Nanny has gone through great lengths to bring her to Canada and is usually serious about hiring her.

There are many advantages to Sponsoring a Live in Nanny / Caregiver. Feel free to browse Nannies & Caregivers on our site that would like to come to Canada.  We can recommend an immigration consultant to do the paperwork for you, or you are welcome to use your own. Families that have experience doing the paperwork  are welcome to "do it themselves"! 

Click on this link to view Nannies & Caregivers in Hong Kong who would like to be sponsored to come to Canada.


What questions should I ask when I interview a Nanny?

What questions should I ask when I interview a Nanny?

When interviewing a nanny people often wonder what questions to ask. A list of questions is important, however we think there is much more to the interview then questions and answers. How is your chemistry?  How do you feel around her? Are you relaxed? Are your personalities compatible?  Is she easy to be around? Have your kids around. Does she interact well with the children? Does she have an easy smile? Sit down and talk. Talk about anything - the weather, the price of milk, or your favorite food. When interviewing a Nanny remember that she is interviewing you too!

Stay tuned, we will be posting here on our blog a list of some sample interview questions that you can feel free to use!

Wishing you a Fantastic Weekend!


Best Rated Toronto Nanny Agency / Senior Home Care Placement Agency

Dear Nanny Pages

I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job your company has done in allowing individual employers to seek and find highly qualified Live-in CareGivers. I was searching and placing notices for live-in caregivers through various media and was not successful until someone told me about Nanny Pages.

When I visited your site I was impressed. It was easy to register and follow. Caregivers were listed by area and profession with a host of qualified candidates. I immediately contacted some of the candidates in my area and found that everyone I spoke to and interviewed very credible and worthy of hiring. It was a difficult decision but I was able to pick two people to cover the 7 day live-in position. They are doing an excellent job looking after my elderly mother.

I highly recommend your services to other individuals who are seeking good, reliable home health caregivers. I am now able to go overseas realizing that I have 2 dedicated and professional caregivers who will take good care of my mother while I am away.

Erwin E. Sniedzins


Need Help to Sponsor a Live In Caregiver From Overseas? We can Refer you to an Immigration Consultant - Great Rates! Want to do the paperwork yourself? Here are some tips.

1. Employers must apply for a Business Payroll Number from the Canada Revenue Agency. You will be the employer of the nanny, so it is required that you be registered as a business. The process is simple and can be done through the Canada Revenue Agency website (see Resources).


2. Employers must advertise their nanny/caregiver position in the National Job Bank. You must prove to the government that you tried to hire a Canadian for the position before you are able to sponsor someone from overseas. Your advertisement must run for at least 14 calendar days. You will be required to report to the government how many applicants you had and why you did not hire them. Print proof of advertising.

Check out this link for more info.


3. Search and select an eligible Nanny or Caregiver from overseas.


4. Employer and Nanny must both sign an employment contract before beginning the process of getting a work permit. The contract must include standard employment terms such as wages and hours as well as terms covering transportation costs from the nanny's home country, medical insurance and accommodation arrangements. Below is a contract template suggested by Canadian Immigration.


5. Employers must apply for a Labor Market Opinion (LMO). You must apply to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for an LMO. The LMO helps to determine whether Canada's labor market can accept a foreign worker for a certain position. You must include a copy of your nanny's contract as well as evidence that you were not able to find a Canadian worker to do the job. Find more information on LMO application below.


6. Employers must send the information and documentation to the Nanny or Caregiver chosen. Once the employer receives a positive ruling on the LMO, your nanny can apply for a work permit from her home country specifying you as the employer. There is information enclosed in your LMO confirmation letter about what documents you need to send to your nanny in order for her to get her work permit. Once she gets the permit, she can come to Canada and work for you.


Don’t want to do it yourself? We can help! Email us at


New Fee for Labour Market Opinion processing (LMO)



Effective July 31, 2013, employers applying to hire TFWs must pay a processing fee of $275 for each position requested to cover the cost of a Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

This ensures that the cost to process employer LMO applications is no longer paid for by Canadian taxpayers.  In 2012, 60 percent of positive LMOs did not lead to a work permit being issued to a temporary foreign worker.  This means that Canadian taxpayers’ dollars were being spent to process applications that were never used, rather could have been used on useful initiatives.  With the implementation of a fee, employers will be less likely to apply for TFW positions they may not fill, helping ensure taxpayer resources are not wasted.


How To Find a Nanny, Caregiver or Cleaner in Toronto?


Are you looking for a caregiver for an elderly parent, a nanny to help with the kids? Cleaning help for your home or office? makes finding the help you need easy! Most of our families hire within a few days.

Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, Weekends Available!

3 simple steps.
1) Go to

2) Join & Post your Job
Your job description will go to our network of 1000's of GTA Nannies, Caregivers and Cleaners. Anyone interested in your position will contact you directly.

(You can also browse profiles of nannies, caregivers and cleaners on the website and contact a suitable candidate DIRECT)

3) Interview & Hire!
The is a website / agency servicing Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, & Brampton areas.

Finding good help is life changing. We have been blessed with extraordinary Nannies & Caregivers for our families. It is our hope & passion to help you find the right help for your family.

Rachel & Sara




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